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    Space and Booth Price List
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  • 1 Circle Space is table space with size 90cm x 45cm and 2 chairs for 1 day.

  • 1 Circle Booth is partition booth with size 2m x 2m including 1 table and 2 chairs for 2 days. Circle booth will have exclusive access to electricity.

  •   Comic, Artbook/Encyclopedia, Novel (Books)
      Game Software
      CD Music
  •   Original
  • Please fill 1 TITLE ONLY for Main Fandom box. this will determine your space area.
    MAIN FANDOM : Full Metal Panic
    FANDOM : Full Metal Panic, BanG Dream!

  •   Male Oriented
      Female Oriented
  •   General Audience (GA)
      Parental Guidance (PG)
      Mature Content (M)

  •   YES

  • This part is provided for circles who want to change/correcting the information submitted in this Comic Frontier 9 form, NOT CORRECTING FROM PAST COMIFURO FORM
    Ignore this part if this is your first time filling the Comifuro 9 form

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