• Space Single Day Both Days
    1 Space IDR 375K IDR 700K
    2 Space IDR 750K IDR 1400K
    4 Space IDR 1500K IDR 2800K
    1 Booth - IDR 1800K
    2 Booth - IDR 3500K

    Paypal Rates
    Space Single Day Both Days
    1 Space USD 37.5 USD 70
    2 Space USD 75 USD 140
    4 Space USD 150 USD 280
    1 Booth - USD 180
    2 Booth - USD 350

  • 1 Circle Space is table space with size 90cm x 45cm and 2 chairs for 1 day.

  • 1 Circle Booth is partition booth with size 2m x 2m including 1 table and 2 chairs for 2 days. Circle booth will have exclusive access to electricity.
  • * 1 Circle Space will get 3 Exhibitor Pass (previously 2 in CF9)
    * 1 Circle Booth will get 4 Exhibitor Pass
    * All Exhibitor Pass holder are granted early access inside the Area before Open Gate

    Additional Exhibitor Pass :
    * You can ask for additional passes, Fee will apply for each additional pass IDR 50K for single day package or 100K for 2days,
    * You can only ask for additional Pass by using this registration form
    * Fee will be added into your registration payment.

  •   Comic, Artbook/Photobook, Novel (Books)
      Game Software
      CD Music
  •   Original
  • Please fill 1 TITLE ONLY for Main Fandom box. this will determine your space area.
    MAIN FANDOM : Blend S
    FANDOM : Blend S, Fate Series, Azur Lane
  •   Male Oriented
      Female Oriented
  •   General Audience (GA)
      Parental Guidance (PG)
      Mature Content (M)

  • For Comic Frontier x onwards we will be using circle cut instead of doujin sample. please follow the instruction for circle cut.

    1. Download Circle Cut template HERE. Do not resize the template.
    2. Fill in the Template (using any kind of image editing software/scan)Tutorial click here
    3. it is recommended to fill the illustration box with your latest illustration or doujin that you're planning to sell on the upcoming CF.
    4. Once you're done, upload it on the uploader below.
    Sample like here

  •   YES

  • Make sure to read Terms of Sevice Agreement before submitting your registration form.
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